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Casino Online in Italy

November 19, 2011 by  
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It took awhile, but Italy finally got their gaming empire and legislation under control.  Now that the EU has approved the gaming legislation provided by Italy, there are now several casino online in Italy.  Players are ecstatic as they were only permitted to gamble at either the State run online casinos in Italy or at the walk-in casinos of which Italy only has six.  The new stream of money and jobs into Italy from the major UK and European online casino companies should help out greatly in this time of economic uncertainty in Europe.  Italy has created a new gaming environment in which citizens of other countries may now access casinos online in Italy and place real money wagers legally on roulette online games.  This is all dependent upon the rules and regulations within the country of origin for the player.

Casinos online in Italy are now the leading casinos in bonus amounts.  As Italian players become accustomed to online gambling, the casino companies have to have larger enticements to get player’s attention.  There are some online casinos in Italy that are offering up to $3000 to get players to join their casino online.

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